Thomas Creek Figure Skating Club

Please remember our first day of the regular season Club Ice is:  Tuesday, 9/1/20. 

There is some NEWS this year! First, we have extended the regular season to span September - August. Additionally that, the club has been able to secure more ice with our home rink, Rochester Ice Center.  We will also be trying out some Friday and Saturday ice throughout the year in order to add even more options for our skaters. This is going to be a record ice-hours season. Enjoy and sk8 gr8! 

The club's ice hours, as well as main events, are provided in the below calendar. Tips & tricks:

  1. DETAILED HOURS: ​Please push on the highlighted time in the calendar to see more details about ice availability, event time, etc.;
  2. COPY DATES TO YOUR CALENDAR: Once you push on the highlighted time, you can copy the details automatically to your calendar (look bottom right for the options in the opened window);
  3. MOBILE DEVICES: If you are accessing the calendar on your mobile device (e.g. cell phone), please scroll down to the bottom of the page and push on the 'View Desktop Version' link. This will allow you to navigate through the calendar much more conveniently. 
  4. ENTIRE SEASON: The ice times and events were entered for the entire season, but be aware it might change depending on the circumstances, and check the calendar periodically to make sure you are up to date.